Peanut Butter Chocolate Blondies – Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Low Sugar & Delicious



Just 4 ingredients and a few chocolate chips, is all that is standing between you and these delicious peanut butter chocolate chip blondies. If you have a sensitive tummy, these are perfect. These yummy treats are gluten free, dairy free and low in sugar. Not to mention they are so easy peasy to make its dangeorus. Move over Marilyn Monroe, there is a new blondie bombshell in town! Continue reading

Dinner in a Flash – 5 Supermarket Shortcuts You Need in Your Life Right Now!

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Think you don’t have time to cook, think again!

We all get by with a little help from our friends. You can land a healthy meal on the table every night of the week guaranteed, with these sensational supermarket shortcuts.

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You can freeze what?


We love our freezer stash here at Health Trends Tested HQ.  But it’s not all boring frozen veggies and leftovers. Our freezer is full of food we bet you didn’t know you could freeze. If you love food, but hate waste, you need to read our list of surprising things you can freeze. Continue reading

I stopped counting calories and didn’t put on weight – say what?

41318578_sI bet you’ve heard that if you burn more calories than you eat you’ll  lose weight. It’s that simple right? Wrong!

When people ask us how many calories are in our recipes, we say….no clue! We gave up counting calories when we gave up eating processed foods, and here’s why? Continue reading

Your Ultimate Sugar-Free Easter Survival Guide

Chocolate Easter eggs on blue backgroundNews flash, you can enjoy a few treats this Easter without the guilt. And yes, I mean eating chocolate, real chocolate…can anyone say AMEN?  Whether you have quit sugar, or just want to reduce the damage this Easter, here are our top 5 tips for your healthiest Easter ever! Continue reading

Guilt Free Easter Chocolate Pudding

Sugar free chocolate pudding with coconut chocolate ganache for EasterLooking for an Easter dessert that’s not going to leave you with a total sugar hangover.  This steamed chocolate pudding drizzled with a thick creamy ganache, is the answer. With only half a cup of fructose-free sweetener, you can enjoy chocolate this Easter without the guilt! Continue reading

The Ultimate Sugar Free Valentines Treat – Raw Chocolate Strawberry Hearts

FullSizeRender-18Fall in love with these decadent chocolate strawberry hearts this Valentines Day. Not only are they sugar-free, they’re also gluten-free and dairy-free making them the perfect healthy treat to enjoy with the one that you love.

Will you be our Valentine? Continue reading

Our Top 7 Tips for Surviving the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program


40896801_sGet ready, ditch the sugar…go! The next round of the I Quit Sugar 8 Week program starts soon, and I cant wait. But it wasn’t always that way. Before my first program I was terrified at the thought of parting with Mars Bars for the rest of my life. And to be perfectly honest, I never believed that I would make it through the entire 8 weeks. But I did, and two years later I’m an old hand at this sugar-quitting caper (you can read more about why I love the program here and here). So for all you 8-week program first timers, here are my top tips for sticking with the program and saying goodbye to the sweet stuff for good. You got this! Continue reading